Using Ubercart with Drupal can be confusing, actually scratch that just using Drupal can be pretty confusing! I’m a web developer by trade and I have struggled with it on more than one occasion. The thing is once you figure it out, it’s probably the most powerful and flexible content management systems out there, and it’s even open-source to boot! After I struggled with finding relevant books to help me understand how to configure Ubercart with Drupal I got to thinking how great it would be if there was a handy online guide to help you weed out the useful books from the…let’s say less-useful books.

Yes, there is documentation and help forums available online for free, but I guess I’m old fashioned in that sometimes I prefer to go back to a book for information. I also find that the authors will often cover or better explain things that the documentation misses out on, since they do want to give you a reason to purchase their book. The Ubercart people do say right on the documentation index page that writing documentation is one of their least favourite tasks and that it is incomplete as of right now.

So my hope is to aggregate the various books on Ubercart out there for you in one website and make it easier for you to choose one to help you out with building your ecommerce site. Ubercart is a great Drupal module, and a well-constructed online shop and shopping cart can net you huge sales when done right. I’ll try to cover the books technical explanations, how current they are (some of the books out there are talking about Drupal 6 or even 5 and for security purposes you really should use the most up to date version), and if they give you any advice relating to SEO or improving your sales.